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Modern sewage treatment leading technology(1)

Oct 09, 2017

1, the principle of urban sewage treatment plant process selection

The process selection of urban sewage treatment plants should generally follow four principles:

1) technical and reasonable.

Should correctly deal with the advanced nature of technology and maturity of the dialectical relationship. On the one hand, we should attach importance to the advanced nature of the technical indicators, and must fully consider the suitability of China's national conditions and the nature of the project. Urban sewage treatment works is different from the general point source management project, which as a city infrastructure project, with large scale, high investment characteristics, and is a hundred years, must ensure that 100% success. The choice of technology more attention to maturity and reliability, therefore, we emphasize the technology is reasonable, but not simply promote advanced technology. The risk of technology must be minimized.

2) economic energy saving

Saving investment is an important prerequisite for the construction of urban sewage treatment plant. Rationally determine the processing standards, select a simple and compact processing technology, as much as possible to reduce the area, and strive to reduce the foundation treatment and civil construction costs. At the same time, we must give full consideration to save electricity and drug consumption, the operating costs to a minimum. This is particularly important for our existing economic affordability.

3) easy to manage

Urban sewage treatment is China's emerging industry, the relative lack of professionals. In the process of selection process, we must fully take into account the existing operation and management level, as far as possible equipment is simple, easy maintenance, the appropriate use of reliable and practical automation technology. Special attention should be paid to the adaptability of the process itself to water quality changes and the stability of the effluent.

In fact, any kind of process always has a favorable and spacious, the key is how the applicability. In engineering practice, the specific circumstances should be specific analysis, according to local conditions, comprehensive comparison, learn from each other, to make a more optimal choice.