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Multi-media filter technical specifications and abnormal solutions(1)

Sep 25, 2017

Multi-media filter technical specifications and abnormal solutions

Multi-media filter is a mechanical filter, he is the use of two or more media as a filter layer of the media filter, in the industrial circulating water treatment system, to remove suspended solids or colloidal impurities in the sewage, can effectively Removal of precipitation technology can not remove the small particles and bacteria, so that water quality in line with the requirements of recycling. Porous materials used for filtration are called filter media, granular, powdery and fibrous, and quartz sand is the most common filter material. Commonly used filters are quartz sand, anthracite, manganese sand, etc., mainly used for water treatment in addition to turbidity, softened water, pure water pretreatment, water turbidity up to 3 degrees below.

Multi-media filter mainly by the filter body, supporting pipelines and valves. Mainly include the following components: Simplified; cloth water components; support components; backwash pipe; filter; exhaust valve (external) and so on.

one. Filter material selection basis

(1) must have sufficient mechanical strength, so as not to in the backwash process quickly wear and break;

(2) chemical stability is better;

(3) does not contain harmful to human health and toxic substances, does not contain harmful to the production, affecting the production of substances;

(4) should be used as far as possible adsorption capacity, interception capacity, high water production, good water quality filter.