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Multi-media filter technical specifications and abnormal solutions(3)

Sep 25, 2017

In fact, the three-layer filter bed, for example, the upper filter particle size, the density of small lightweight filter composition, such as anthracite, activated carbon; middle filter medium diameter, density center, usually quartz sand; Filter by the smallest particle size, the largest density of heavy media, such as magnetite. Due to the difference in density, the filter media selection of the three-layer media filter is basically fixed. The upper filter from the coarse filter effect, the lower filter from the fine filter effect, so that the full play the role of multi-media filter bed, the water quality is better than the single layer filter bed.

four. Single flow, double flow filter comparison

Single flow filter

Single flow filter is the most simple filter, its water and water are only one way, equipped with a water device, drainage system, sometimes added to the compressed air device, the device has a variety of necessary pipelines ,valve.

Operation, including backwashing, washing and running: backwash when closed, the inlet valve, keep the upper water level of the filter layer 200-300mm, open the backwash drain valve, compressed air valve, into the 18-25L / (s.m2 ) Of the compressed wind, purge 3-5min, to be back after the wash, continue to wash 3-5min; is washing open the drain valve, inlet water valve, water flow rate 10-15m / h; running flow rate of 10-12m / h.

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