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Overview of Ultra - pure Water Equipment for Water Treatment(1)

Sep 22, 2017

EDI (Electrodeionization) Chinese called electric deionization technology, is a combination of two mature deionization technology -

A New Type of Mature Water Treatment Technology for Electrodialysis Deionization and Ion - Bed Deionization.

 EDI ultra-pure water equipment is a pure water equipment, the use of electric deionization technology. It through a unique design,

The influent water is passed through a fresh water chamber filled with a renewable resin so that the impurity ions in the water are adsorbed by the resin to obtain purified water.

And the resin in the DC electric field pyrolysis under the action of pollution-free regeneration, so to maintain activity.

And the release of impurity ions will be under the action of the DC electric field, directional movement, through the ion selective membrane into the concentrated water chamber was concentrated water away.

This is a continuous process of purification: purification -> regeneration -> purification, to achieve the purpose of sustained and efficient production of high purity water.

By the cost, environmental and quality factors, ultra-pure water production process in the last few decades has undergone many changes.

A particularly significant trend is to reduce the degree of dependence on ion exchange (IX), which aims to minimize the use of chemicals and improve water use.

First, the development of history

Reverse osmosis (RO) technology can remove 95% -98% of the water in the water, which greatly reduces the amount of acid and alkali, but still can not completely use chemicals.

In order to prepare ultra-pure water, usually using reverse osmosis + mixed bed process. Mixed bed ion exchange technology has been prepared as a standard process of ultra-pure water.

Because of its need for periodic regeneration, in the regeneration process using the corresponding chemicals (acid), has been unable to meet the needs of modern industrial clean production and environmental protection.

So the electrodialysis technology and ion exchange technology combined with the formation of EDI technology has become a revolution in water treatment technology.

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