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Overview of Ultra - pure Water Equipment for Water Treatment(2)

Sep 22, 2017

Second, the working principle

Electrodeionization (Electrodeionization referred to as EDI) is the electrodialysis membrane separation technology and ion exchange technology organically combined with a new preparation of ultra-pure water (high purity water) technology,

It uses the polarization phenomenon during electrodialysis to electrochemically regenerate the ion exchange resin filled in the fresh water chamber.

The EDI membrane stack is mainly composed of alternating cation exchange membrane, concentrated water chamber, anion exchange membrane, fresh water chamber and positive and negative electrode. Under the action of the DC electric field,

The cation and anions in the ion exchange resin in the fresh water chamber migrate along the resin and membrane respectively in the negative and positive directions, the cation passes through the cation exchange membrane,

Anions pass through the anion exchange membrane, respectively, into the concentrated water chamber to form concentrated water. At the same time, the cation and anion in EDI feed water are exchanged with hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions in the ion exchange resin,

The formation of ultra-pure water (high purity water). The ultra-limit current causes the ion exchange resin to be continuously regenerated by the large amount of hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions produced by water electrolysis.

The traditional ion exchange, ion exchange resin saturation after the need for chemical intermittent regeneration. The EDI membrane reactor in the resin through the continuous electrolysis of water, the work is continuous, do not need acid-base chemical regeneration.

Third, the application areas

EDI ultra-pure water technology with advanced technology, easy operation, pollution-free, clean production technology, in the microelectronics industry, power industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry and laboratory fields have been increasingly widely used.

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