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Problem should pay attention to use reverse osmosis equipment(1)

Sep 22, 2017

Reverse osmosis equipment requires tap water as the water source, the user will be used in conjunction with the tap water, the installation did not consider the provision of cleaning mouth; due to the high degree of automation equipment, users often think that can be the same as other household equipment, Shut down on the line, the lack of management, the use of the process of more than no record or incomplete record; run mostly intermittent, there is no appropriate maintenance measures until the equipment is very small water or TDS is high when the problem is found in the production Of the peak period, often resulting in downtime and unnecessary economic losses.

First of all, manufacturers and users should pay attention to the idea: the manufacturer can not because of reverse osmosis equipment prices and ignore the technical training of users, the user can not just show that you can safely grasp the use of such high-tech products; Pay attention to production management.

At the same time, we should pay attention to the following factors before use:

Installation of reverse osmosis equipment should be reserved for cleaning and maintenance of the import and export. Due to the integration of equipment without scale inhibitor dosing system, scaling is inevitable; plus the operation may occur microbial and colloidal pollution, so cleaning is necessary; in winter or long-term operation is not running maintenance, disinfection is also necessary. In the integration of the equipment connected to the end of the three links and valves were connected after the original water and cleaning water tank. In the cleaning and maintenance to remove the activated carbon.

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