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Problem should pay attention to use reverse osmosis equipment(2)

Sep 22, 2017

First, bring a set of residual chlorine colorimetric meter. The membrane of the reverse osmosis equipment currently used is a low-pressure polyamide film, which is not resistant to chlorine in use, especially under the action of heavy metal ions, and is easily oxidized to cause permanent damage. The tap water contains more heavy metal ions , Easy to oxidize caused permanent damage; tap water contains heavy metal ions, the failure of activated carbon to test difficult, so that can avoid premature replacement of waste and late replacement caused by membrane damage. The price of the colorimeter is cheap and the operation is also convenient. It can be measured daily 10 days before the calculation of the replacement period.

The local tap water quality report is essential, although the state has a tap water standard, but the tap water is different. A near-term water quality report can be obtained from the water company and provided to the equipment manufacturer when the reverse osmosis equipment is purchased. The manufacturer calculates the approximate replacement period of the activated carbon according to the residual chlorine calculation in the water quality report. Based on the concentration of calcium and magnesium in the water quality report Determine the range of recovery, possible contamination and cleaning methods.

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