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Quartz sand filter backwash and wash

Sep 25, 2017

First, the introduction of quartz sand filter

Quartz sand filter, also known as mechanical filter, sand filter, the material is made of stainless steel 304 and carbon steel, anti-corrosion measures are epoxy or rubber lined in the water treatment process, the quartz sand filter is the most commonly used filter, because the filter Material prices are low, environmental protection, pollution effect is good, so the quartz sand filter has been in the water treatment has been fully applied,

Second, why should the quartz sand backwash and wash

Precision filters and security filters, bag filters do not need to wash back, so why should the backwash? So first of all we talk about the role of quartz sand filter, quartz sand is mainly out of the water suspended solids, sediment, organic matter and other impurities, mainly through the quartz sand interception to achieve, so the quartz sand filter work for some time , Sand gap between the many small particles, such as mud, organic matter and other impurities, if not backwash, the sand will block the water through, and filtered through the water pressure becomes smaller, the flow is reduced, not only wasted Valuable energy (power, pump power), and filter the flow to reduce the effect of water, so the use of quartz sand filter after a period of time must be backwash.

Third, the quartz sand filter is washing and backwashing way

Quartz sand filter has two backwash methods, one is the gas backwash, the other is water backwashing. Gas and water backwash is the use of air bubbles and quartz sand filter material friction between the two, that is, the use of quartz sand filter particles and particles between the friction, and finally the use of quartz sand filter and water Of the friction, the four interact with each other, in the maximum limit to increase the effect of backwashing, so after the anti-washed quartz sand filter can be used. This is generally used in the filter tank is relatively large, quartz sand filter more than the situation. Advantages are: backwash time is shorter, less water consumption.

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