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Reverse osmosis membrane shell

Sep 22, 2017

Reverse osmosis membrane shell is divided into stainless steel reverse osmosis membrane shell and FRP reverse osmosis membrane shell two kinds: from the use of household reverse osmosis membrane shell, commercial reverse osmosis membrane shell two; from the function is divided into ultra-low pressure film Shell, low pressure shell, seawater desalination shell.

Stainless steel membrane reverse osmosis membrane shell

All made of stainless steel, shell inside and outside the polishing;

Water inlet: both ends of the water (A type), both sides of the water (B type);

Structure: standard spare parts, easy to disassemble;

Sealing: by the pressure test;

Both ends of the organizational structure: clamp type, flange type, built-in.

FRP reverse osmosis membrane shell

FRP wound shell, durable;

Inlet screw connection options: 1/2 ", 3/4" internal thread;

Fresh water outlet threaded connection: 1/2 "internal thread;

SS316L semi-moon lock plate easy to operate, safe and reliable.