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Reverse osmosis membrane shell water way

Sep 22, 2017

  Reverse osmosis membrane shell has a side of the water and side of the two water, these two kinds of water has its own advantages, how to choose, generally according to the requirements of the designer may be.

      As the film arrangement and the requirements of different paragraphs and different import and export angle can be divided into: 0 degrees, 90 degrees, and 180 degrees three, simply from the pressure theory, the side of the water is better, but increased glass steel pressure vessel The probability of water leakage. As the 8-inch membrane shell on the water flow and pressure than the 4-inch RO membrane shell much larger, if the membrane shell port to open two ports, will make the end of the pressure drop, while the installation also increased a lot of trouble , So 8-inch shell with side imports more. In the actual use of concentrated water flow rate on the membrane shell a greater impact, because the single membrane element on the maximum recovery rate of water designed to 16%, in order to improve the utilization of water, so the use of multi-membrane in series way to complete, As the 4-inch RO membrane pressure drop than the 8-inch membrane shell pressure drop much, so the series can not be too much. In addition, the number of specific series depends on the water quality and design parameters, secondly, but also consider the choice of high-pressure pump.