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RO Membrane housing Hook up

Apr 12, 2019

RO Membrane housing Hook up.

Almost always the outlet (Permeate) or purified water port is the one that located more towards the middle on a double port (fitting) side of the membrane housing.  If you take RO membrane housing apart and look inside, you will see two holes that connected to the fittings on the outside. The center hole is outlet, which should be connected to the tank and faucet with “T”.  Usually, after a “T” there is a connection to the post filter before the faucet.


Reverse Osmosis membrane

This detailed picture illustrates how Reverse Osmosis Membrane works. Permeate (purified water) is sealed by double O-rings to prevent contamination.

Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier

 Red Line represents flow of  Permeate (purified water) to storage tank and post filter from RO membrane.