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Select filter bag for the bag filter housing(1)

Sep 26, 2017

Bag filter is a kind of precision filter, it has a quick opening seal structure. 0 type seal type, cleaning more capacity. It is very convenient to filter the filter, the bag filter is mainly used for paint, beer, cosmetics, vegetable oil, tea oil, diesel, gasoline, electroplating solution, milk, industrial water, latex,

Juice, vinegar, resin, ink, industrial wastewater.

First, the bag filter Product Description:

1. Specifications: GB, American standard, German standard, the standard, custom; single bag, parallel, multi-bag, filter type;

2. Model: S, T series, PBF polypropylene containers;

3. Rated flow: 6,10,23,51 ,,, 1088 tons / hour;

4. Rated working pressure: 10,20 ,,, kg / square centimeter;

5. Cylinder material: 304,316 stainless steel (inside and outside the sandblasting or polishing) or custom materials required;

6. Built-in high-strength support basket: from the uniform aperture of 3.5mm high-strength stainless steel mesh manufacturing;

7. Import and export size: 1 -14 or custom;

8. Import and export position: side into the side, side into the bottom, the top of the bottom out, the top side of the out, or customized according to requirements;

9. Interface types: flange, screw mouth or customized according to requirements;

2. Filter bag Model:

1 #: 7 "x 17" (180mm × 420mm);

2 #: 7 "x 32" (180mm × 810mm);

3 #: 4 "x 9" (102mm × 230mm);

4 #: 4 "x 15" (102mm × 410mm);

1, the filter accuracy: 1-800um (micron) relative or absolute accuracy;

2, ring ring Material Category: ordinary Dingqing rubber, PTFE, nylon, Teflon and other high temperature and special high acid and alkali resistance materials;

3, filter bag material types: pure polypropylene, polyester, wool, viscose fiber, polyaramides, polytetrafluoroethylene, nylon and other materials;

4, the structure of the filter bag can be divided into single wire mesh (surface filter type structure, pore size 100 ~ 800 microns), needle felt (three-dimensional fluffy deep filter structure, pore size 5 ~ 200 microns) and melt blown non-woven (deep filter Structure, aperture 1 ~ 100 microns) three, and 1 to 800 microns a variety of different filter accuracy for users to choose to meet the requirements of different production processes. Filter bag material of acid and alkali, high temperature and other characteristics can be adapted to the different liquid chemical compatibility requirements.