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Separation technology of reverse osmosis equipment

Sep 22, 2017

 Reverse osmosis is the most sophisticated membrane separation process, applying an operating pressure on the water (concentrated solution) side to overcome the natural osmotic pressure. When the operating pressure above the natural osmotic pressure is applied to the concentrated solution side, the water molecules naturally permeate The flow direction will be reversed, water (concentrated solution) in the water molecules through the reverse osmosis membrane to become dilute solution side of the purified water; reverse osmosis equipment can block all dissolved salts and molecular weight greater than 100 organic matter.


        But allows the passage of water molecules, reverse osmosis membrane desalination rate is generally greater than 98%, they are widely used in industrial water and electronic ultra-pure water preparation, drinking pure water production, boiler feed water and other processes, in the ion exchange before the use of reverse osmosis equipment Can significantly reduce the amount of water and waste water.