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Several aspects need to pay attention for reverse osmosis equipment(1)

Sep 23, 2017

First, reverse osmosis equipment safety precautions

    1, pretreatment backwash is generally three days for one cycle.

    2, reverse osmosis system water tank a total of 3, must pay attention to the tank level sensor do not wrap together.

    3, reverse osmosis equipment to run no less than 30 minutes a day, if a short time downtime (for example: 1-7 days of downtime), boot once a day for 30 minutes. If the shutdown for more than a week, with 1% NAHSO, the solution instead of raw water, and keep the pressure vessel filled with this water, close the valve seal, when the liquid temperature at 30 ℃, every 30 days to replace the solution, when the liquid temperature of 30 ℃ above, every 15 days to replace the solution.

    4, usually should do the equipment operating records: before filtration pressure -> after filtration pressure -> a membrane before the pressure -> a conductivity -> a pure water flow -> a concentrated water flow and before and after the pressure difference And other parameters.

    5, the equipment operating environment for the 5 ℃ -50 ℃.

    6, equipment supplies need to be replaced regularly to extend the service life of the equipment. Such as: pp cotton filter, RO membrane, quartz sand, activated carbon and so on.

    7, the pump, the equipment must first try before the operation of the original pump, high pressure pump, pure water pump and other positive and negative motor, in the case of forward, the specific situation can refer to the direction of the motor running arrow.

    8, the valve, the equipment must be checked before the operation of all the valves in the open position.

    9, softening device, salt box to the processing industry salt. The general loading position is at 30% of the salt box.

    10, reverse osmosis host

    Raw water pressure 0-0.3mp pressure, membrane pressure before the membrane is about 1.0mp or so.

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