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Several aspects need to pay attention for reverse osmosis equipment(2)

Sep 23, 2017

Second, reverse osmosis equipment operating procedures

    1, is strictly prohibited untrained operators to open the reverse osmosis equipment.

    2, reverse osmosis equipment operating temperature 5-40 ℃

    3, the operator must be a day to do the system equipment operating pressure, flow, water quality, boot, shutdown, cleaning time and other data records.

    4, the system equipment can not run with failure, once the system equipment has been abnormal, should suspend the operation of the equipment, by the professional maintenance personnel and supplier technical personnel responsible for discharge failure.

    5, RO reverse osmosis device

    Open the booster pump inlet valve, and then start the booster pump power, while opening the security filter exhaust valve to observe whether the pressure of raw water quality RO equipment with the water requirements, with boot conditions.

    Open RO reverse osmosis device total power switch, press the start button, running indicator light, said RO reverse osmosis system has entered the running state. Two-dimensional head flow meter, pressure gauge, adjust the pressure regulator, so that the pressure, flow adjustment in the rated value of the normal operation of the equipment pressure concentrated water 0.5-1.2Mp, check the reverse osmosis equipment unit parts normal operation without change. Shut down the first open the regulator, the pressure down to 0.5mpa about, then press the stop button.

    6, reverse osmosis system equipment cleaning, maintenance, maintenance should be strictly in accordance with the operation, must be based on the actual situation of regular anti-washing and chemical cleaning.

    7, in case of serious system failure, such as the pressure device leakage, circuit failure, when decisively press the emergency control switch on the cabinet, confirm the troubleshooting before unlocking, re-run the device.

    8, precision filter filter life of 3-5 months.

    9, softening equipment regularly salt regeneration, keep the salt layer accounted for a quarter of the volume of salt.


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