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Softened water equipment, water treatment equipment, disinfection and maintenance

Sep 22, 2017

Water treatment equipment and our lives are closely related, not with our life does not matter. The sanitation of water treatment equipment is also closely related to our physical health. In the cleanliness of the equipment, mainly the membrane treatment and the adsorption of activated carbon to carry out.

    (RO), nanofiltration (NF), ultrafiltration (UF), and microporous filtration (MF) are carried out using membrane separation technology to clean and pressure-driven membrane separation techniques. Membrane separation technology is characterized by the ability to provide stable and reliable water quality, because the membrane separation of impurities in the water is the main principle of mechanical screening, and thus the water quality is very stable, only according to the size of membrane pore size, and raw water quality and operating conditions have nothing to do.

    The main characteristics of activated carbon are the large surface area and pore structure. The surface area per 1g of carbon can reach 1000 square meters, most of which is the tiny pore surface inside the particles. Because the adsorption action is the concentration process of the dissolved impurities on the surface of the carbon particles, the specific surface area of the carbon is important for the adsorption performance factor. Due to the huge surface area of activated carbon, which shows good adsorption performance. In the case of water for our health, then the water treatment equipment for cleaning and maintenance is essential.

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