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Technical Requirements

Apr 11, 2017

1, water tanks shall conform to the requirements of this standard, and in accordance with the requirements of drawings and sizes manufactured.

2, the radiator after welding, the solid parts must not be loose, each connector must not have leakage welding, no leakage phenomenon.

3, the water tank weld to be full, the outer surface of the water tank welded to smooth, beautiful, no slag, no solder tumor, no blowhole, no cracks, welding mouth can not be concave, separated phenomenon, no cutting hand phenomenon. The weld seam in the tank shall be polished. The welding requirements stipulated in table 2 shall be achieved.

4, the water tank flat floor should be maintained flat, deformation meets table 3 requirements.

5, the top of the water tank and human holes must be full welding, quality requirements with the same 4.3.

6, the water tank connector must be good welding, at the same time as far as possible to maintain vertical, at least the gradient is not greater than 1 °.

7, the insulation layer and the water tank exterior bonding firmly, the appearance is flat. The insulation layer adopts the polyurethane foam plastics or the performance of better insulation material; exterior decorative shell with stainless steel plates or other suitable materials, the surface is not rugged, scratches or rust traces, to meet the requirements of table 2.

8, for the dimensional tolerances should satisfy the requirements of table 3.

9, the water tank filled with, must not have seepage, leakage phenomenon, should not have obvious distortion phenomenon, according to the steel welded atmospheric pressure vessel about the full water experimental provisions. (GB50242-2002 Construction Quality acceptance code for water supply and drainage and heating engineering)

10, the water tanks should be erected vertically, the vertical degree should meet the requirements of table 3.