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Technical specifications and design points for installing softened water treatment(1)

Sep 22, 2017

1, softened water equipment on the softened water equipment to set the choice: soft water must be placed on a solid level of the ground, the distance from the ditch to short is better, from the boiler and other heat sources must be greater than 3 meters above, Beijing softened water equipment is absolutely prohibited Close to acidic liquids or gases. If you need to add other water treatment equipment (filter, deaerator) should be reserved for the top ten brands of water purifier

2, softened water equipment on the regeneration of salt cans and softened water resin position:

Should be placed in the vicinity of the exchange column, in order to make full use of salt, should try to shorten the size of salt plastic pipe.

3, softened water equipment on the installation of quartz sand and resin:

(1) softened water equipment to ensure that even as far as possible in the exchange of the bottom of the exchange column laying 150 ~ 200mm good quality quartz sand (not decomposed to produce silicon oxide or salt)

(2) softened water equipment before loading resin, softened water equipment should check the length of the center lift tube, is appropriate.

 Softened water equipment will be the first water distributor into the automatic control head (control valve) softened water equipment at the bottom of the central bearing interface, and then the bottom of the central tube at the bottom of the exchange column nest, and the upper end of the water heater into the lower end Nozzle, and then very carefully along the clockwise direction into the upper end of the exchange column screw mouth, to confirm the entire control valve screw can be flat into the exchange of the upper end of the screw to confirm the length of the central tube to meet the requirements, and can make the center lift Close the valve head and keep it concentric.

(3) softened water equipment After the work of the test machine head, Beijing softened water equipment and then turn the nose anti-clockwise rotation, once again to maintain the central tube position in the bottom of the original end of the original center of the lower end of the water pipe Align the bottom of the nest, and with a soft cloth or plastic belt will be the center of the top of the elevator tube entrance sealed, softened water equipment began to evenly loaded quartz sand or resin.

(4) softened water equipment to fill the resin to make, softened water equipment Note that the center of the center of the elevator around the balanced loading, in order to ensure that the number of pre-calculated count into the column, with the device process, softened water equipment should continue to exchange The column into the water, so that the resin pores in the air discharge. Maintaining this water seal state is the best way to fill the resin, it is difficult to protect the dry resin into the amount of loading should be used.

(5) softened water equipment to be finished after the resin is completed again in the clockwise direction of the control valve into the upper end of the exchange column screw mouth.

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