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Technical specifications and design points for installing softened water treatment(2)

Sep 22, 2017

With the advancement of technology and the importance attached by the state to environmental protection, the society has increased the demand for various new boilers, and also put forward higher requirements for boiler water supply equipment. It must meet the water quality requirements and must be stable and reliable. A high degree.

In order to meet the requirements of running economy and adaptability, the most advanced American Autotrol, Fleck original valve body and control device are equipped with resin tank and salt box design for the characteristics of domestic users and consumables. GA series (with multi-way valve) and GQ series (with separate valves) softened water system.

It is specially designed and manufactured with automatic softened water system. It has the characteristics of simple and reasonable mechanism, automatic operation, high energy and low consumption, stable water, corrosion resistance, easy price and easy installation. It is equipped with hundreds of sets of fuel and gas boiler projects all over the country. The company is specialized in the fields of boiler, chemical industry, electronics, printing and dyeing and family life. Processing has been at the forefront of the design and production of key components - control valves and fully automatic controllers.

First, the equipment technical indicators

     1, raw water hardness <12m.mol / L (raw water hardness> 8 m · mol / L, please declare in advance)

 2, the water hardness <0.03 m · mol / L (to the "national low-pressure boiler water quality standards" GB1576-2001 requirements)

 3, working water pressure 0.20-0.5 MPa

 4, the working voltage ~ 220V, 50Hz

 5, the working temperature of 0 ~ 50 ℃

 6, raw water turbidity <5 degrees (raw water containing high sand should be installed when the filter)

 7, salt consumption <100 g / N (with the hardness of the original water)

 8, water consumption ~ 2%

 9, power consumption <30W


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