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Technical specifications and design points for installing softened water treatment(3)

Sep 22, 2017

Second, softened water design selection guide

1, softened water equipment selection

The selection of softened water equipment is mainly based on water demand, raw water hardness and applicable occasions

 (1) the same amount of water equipment, there are a variety of models, according to the actual water situation selected.

 (2) raw water hardness: dark blue boiler softened water equipment, dark blue fully softened water equipment, softened water treatment equipment

When the hardness of raw water ≤ 3m · mol / L, you can choose the time control type, according to the maximum water production equipment;

  When the hardness of raw water ≤ 6m · mol / L, it can be selected according to the maximum water capacity of the equipment in the table.

  When the hardness of raw water is less than 8m · mol / L, the average value of water production capacity can be selected.

  Raw water hardness of 8 ~ 10m · mol / L, according to the minimum water production capacity of equipment, or the use of multi-level system;

  Raw water hardness ≥ 10m · mol / L, to be selected multi-level treatment, the general two-level treatment can meet the requirements.

(3) water use: If the Bae Yong hot water boiler or other similar equipment, according to the equipment of the highest water production capacity selection; if the steam boiler water supply, generally according to the boiler evaporation 1.2 times the equipment and water production capacity to match.

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