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Technical specifications and design points for installing softened water treatment(4)

Sep 22, 2017

2, softened water equipment design and installation points

The device itself is simple, small footprint, so there is no special requirements in the design and installation. In the design and installation only need to pay attention to the following:

(1) equipment to be a simple level of the foundation; about 250 ~ 450mm from the wall, according to the actual situation by corner layout;

(2) because the device itself is lighter, generally only need to consider the equipment installed resin and the weight of water can be;

(3) into the outlet pipe for the standard flange or threaded connection, to be fixed support, and can not rely on the body to do support to prevent stress;

(4) water pressure pipe should be installed on the water table. When the equipment is running, there is flush water discharge, near the floor drain or drain

(5) salt water pipes: salt water tank should be as close as possible to soften the tank, salt water pipe as short as possible;

(6) the sewage pipe should not be longer than 6 meters, do not install the cut valve, the outlet should not be higher than the valve body, the terminal openings to avoid siphon, elbow less the better;

(7) in the vicinity of the equipment placed on the wall outlet, should be equipped with a fuse (generally do not install the switch), require a good grounding.

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