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Technical specifications and design points for installing softened water treatment(5)

Sep 22, 2017

Third, the site installation requirements

     1, softened water supply range

      The scope of supply of fully automatic softened water equipment includes multi-way valve body, controller, solenoid valve, resin tank, salt tank, salt well, salt valve and the main pipe fittings (some models do not contain the outlet solenoid valve). Standard equipment does not contain resin. Refer to the installation drawing in the manual. The parts other than the inlet and outlet are provided by the user. Please contact the sales advice.

     2, softened water on-site installation requirements

       Automatic softened water equipment system is simple, the requirements of the installation site is lower than the requirements of the water softener, if the high content of suspended solids, the filter should be installed to provide system requirements of the power supply; to provide the necessary equipment to install the foundation.

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