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Test methods

Apr 11, 2017

1, feel, visually welded water tanks, should conform to the 4.2 requirements.

2, water tank water injection test:

Shut down the sewage valve and the outlet valve, water injection to the prescribed water level, by 2h~3h, the water tank all parts must not have leakage and apparent distortion phenomenon.

3, the water quality index test according to the stipulation of GB/T 5750.

4, appearance inspection:

Visually inspect in normal light.

5, the vertical degree of water tanks measured by gauges, should conform to 4.10 requirements.

6, the connection flange connects GB/T 9119-2000 The stipulation method carries on the test; the connecting pipe thread is tested according to the prescribed method of GB/T 7360.2-2000.

7, the water tanks used in the stainless steel plate and carbon steel inspection of their purchase certificates, there are disputes according to GB/T 3280 and GB/T 700 The method of the test.

8, insulation layer by visual inspection.