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The importance of reverse osmosis membrane shell in water pretreatment

Sep 22, 2017

 Reverse osmosis equipment in the water pretreatment process, which membrane shell accessories on the membrane technology and some protective effect, so that the reverse osmosis process of pure water has made great progress. The reverse osmosis membrane shell barrel, head, slotted through a rigorous layer design, optimize the calculation details to ensure structural safety, to ensure long-term under the pre-treatment pressure to ensure the safety and stability of water treatment system.

Fristline membrane shell components as the protection of reverse osmosis membrane accessories, types can be divided into two kinds of seamless and seamless, the device is made of stainless steel. The cover material has ABS and stainless steel, plus silicone O-ring seal, high sealing performance, long service life, into and out of the water into the side and side. Film shell sub-card sets and flange type, built-in, the shell is made of 304 seamless stainless steel pipe, sealing performance, high pressure, not aging, installation, cleaning film convenient,

The pretreatment of reverse osmosis membrane shell directly affects the service life of reverse osmosis membrane. Regardless of whether the water quality of the feedwater is surface water or groundwater, it contains some organic and inorganic contaminants that, if not pre-treated directly into the reverse osmosis system, are contaminants and suspended solids remain in the membrane Surface, causing the flow channel clogging, so that membrane components increased pressure, water production and desalination rate decreased, and even cause film pollution or membrane damage and other serious consequences.

At the same time, glass fiber membrane shell in the water supply of organic matter and alternating and suspended solids concentration is very high under the circumstances, the thickness of the water supply network will cause a high degree of contamination of the membrane. Before discussing this problem, we must first understand how to protect the membrane shell, so as to ensure that the membrane components can not cause pollution.

In short, reverse osmosis system water pretreatment is the most common one is the membrane element contamination, that the membrane element pollution will have to mention one of the most important components, that is, FRP shell, which in the whole system played a compression, The role of protection.