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The quality of the membrane shell is key

Sep 22, 2017

  Membrane shell is a water purifier, pure water machine for the installation of ultrafiltration membrane, reverse osmosis membrane and other types of filter membrane containers, the membrane of the water effect and easy to leak phenomenon is very helpful.

      To distinguish the quality of accessories is to ensure the safe use of water purification products, the membrane shell can be divided into food grade PP plastic, ceramic and stainless steel shell, etc., because the ceramic membrane shell fragile, so the use of relatively small, Grade PP filter, ceramic and stainless steel made by high temperature dissolved combination of the way, in the production process will be a very tedious division of labor, finishing, fit, assembly process to ensure that after the production of the shell in the model size, weight, Membrane shell between the anastomosis can be achieved.

      Observe the whole shell, see whether the appearance of abnormal color, card slot in the hole, the bottom of the fusion is perfect and the top thread cap is fine and so on. After observing the appearance, and then check the size of the membrane shell model, directly with the equivalent of the film into it, and cover the shell cover (note that the apron to be placed properly, otherwise it will leak), and then pick up the light Shaking, watching film and membrane shell between whether there is a certain gap, shake when the film is loose, connect the water after the membrane shell will appear water leakage and so on.