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The role of precision filters in water treatment equipment

Sep 22, 2017

 Precision filter also known as microporous filter security filter, which uses the processing of the filter, such as filter cloth filter paper filter, filter, etc., to remove very small particles.

  Ordinary sand rate can remove very small solid particles, so that the water turbidity of about 1, but the water still contains a large number of particles in the 1-5 micron particles, these particles can not be removed sand filter,

Although the particles are very small, but if directly into the reverse osmosis host, in the RO membrane under the effect of concentration, will still cause membrane element contamination, to remove these particles, it must use precision filtration.

  The precision filter is often set behind the pressure filter and is sometimes also provided at the end of the entire pretreatment process to prevent the broken filter activated carbon resin from entering the reverse osmosis system,

Try to do not put the process on the particles produced to the next process to go. The pore size of the filter should be matched to the particles contained in the water to avoid excessive or too fine.

   Precise filter inlet and outlet should be set pressure gauge, the difference can determine the precision filter filter in the degree of pollution, generally when the difference is greater than 15psi, they need to replace one of the filter.

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