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The structural design of the stainless steel filter has its own characteristics

Sep 22, 2017

 Stainless steel filter material is made of stainless steel, it is used inside the mechanical structure, there is a good high-pressure backwash function. Can be no dead ends of the omni-directional filter impurities to protect the filter efficiency and long service life. Its filter material is also stainless steel, with high strength, high precision, corrosion-resistant advantages. For unstable water quality fluctuations, no human intervention is required.

     Stainless steel filter wearing parts less, no supplies, operation and maintenance costs low, simple operation, it is very convenient to use. It is in the backwash process, is to ensure that the filter safety, and other filters are not affected, continue to filter. It is used in the work of pneumatic valve, backwash water consumption, environmental protection economy. Its structural design is very reasonable, flexible and easy to install mobile, it is very convenient to use, in many occasions the use of the effect is very good, to facilitate our lives.

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