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The technology and characteristics of small water treatment equipment(1)

Sep 23, 2017

Simply put, "water treatment" is through physical, chemical, biological means to remove some of the water on the production, life does not need the process of harmful substances. Is the process of settling, filtering, coagulating, flocculating, and inhibiting water, such as corrosion inhibition, scale inhibition, and so on, in order to be suitable for a particular purpose. Because social production, life and water are closely related. Therefore, the field of water treatment involves a wide range of applications, constitute a huge industrial applications.

First, the role of small water treatment equipment:

    Small water treatment equipment is mainly used for the purification of water use, especially for the high quality of the field of microfiltration, automatic recoil filter to function to remove the water sediment, clay, rust, suspended solids, algae, Corrosion products, macromolecular bacteria, organic matter and other small particles and other impurities, to achieve the purpose of water purification.

Second, the principle of small water treatment equipment:

    1, the regular cleaning of sewage, can be set to 2-24 hours, when the time to time, the electric actuator to open the sewage valve, the filter for 30-60 seconds, and then turn the electric actuator to the butterfly valve 90 ° to block the filter , Change the flow path, backwash sewage 30-60 seconds. Turn butterfly valve reset, continue to discharge for 3-5 seconds, then close the sewage outfall.

    2, automatic self-cleaning filter pressure control The difference between the operating pressure of the controller can be set to 0.03-0.07MPa, when the pressure difference between the filter before and after the pressure controller set value, the pressure controller action, filter Device sewage valve open, 30-60 seconds to end, turn butterfly valve reset, continue to discharge 3-5 seconds, close the sewage valve.

    3, automatic self-cleaning filter manual control through the control box button, can directly control the cleaning, sewage.