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The technology and characteristics of small water treatment equipment(2)

Sep 23, 2017

Third, the characteristics of small water treatment equipment:

    1, small water treatment equipment using a number of filter filter, effective filtration area, the pressure loss is small, the design of the filter area for the import and export area of 3 to 5 times.

    2, small water treatment equipment maintenance, easy maintenance: set maintenance manhole, loading and unloading cartridge convenient.

    3, the use of multi-filter filter, one by one filter cartridge cleaning structure, cleaning without intermittent water supply.

    4, the program control: According to the actual situation of the user needs to set the system parameters.

    5, the pipeline filter Advanced control system: the control system of high accuracy, and according to different water quality to adjust its working mode and operating status, in order to improve its ability to adapt to water quality.

    6, the pipeline filter to facilitate the control: pressure / time control or control at the same time, according to the actual conditions and needs of any choice, automatic operation; at the same time set the manual / automatic transfer switch, control can be pre-set, and Gas interlock,

    7, backwash filter with local control, if necessary, can be set remote control switch to achieve the local operation and remote control operation.

    8, backwash filter left running state output, fault alarm output and other functions to ensure that the equipment used in safe and reliable conditions.