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The type and characteristics of the filter(1)

Sep 25, 2017

The filtration system is the key equipment for aquarium breeding, and it is the most important part of maintaining water quality stability. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the contents of the filtration system. According to the filter in the aquarium on the location, filtering and object of the different, can be divided into the following:

    (1) pipe filter The filter at the bottom of the filter is located in the bottom of the aquarium, the board has a hole in the vent tube, plug the plastic tube. Above the filter plate laying gravel (coral sand, shells, river sand can be). Plastic pipe connected to the inflatable pump, inflatable, driven by water through the gravel, on the one hand inflatable oxygenation, on the one hand to achieve the effect of filtration. There is also a filter sand bed set in the aquarium, with a pump or pump to the water delivery to the filter, filter and then back to the aquarium.

    The bottom of the filter material requirements of the material hard, with a certain tolerance, the chemical nature of inactive, not in the water chemical reaction and pollution of water quality. The septum has a water-permeable micropore, and the size of the filter hole can be permeated with water and the sand can not pass.

    Filter sand bed sand filter material should be selected hard texture, chemical stability of the gravel, such as quartz sand, sand and so on. Sand should be uniform size, irregular shape, the surface slightly rough, diameter 3 to 5 mm, which can increase the adhesion of nitrifying bacteria area.

    From the precision filter effect, the larger the sand bed area the better. The depth of the sand layer should not be too deep or too shallow. Nitrifying bacteria in the sand bed in the distribution of the surface and the bottom of the more middle layer less. Nitrification occurs mainly in the surface of 5 cm surface sand bed (90%), 10 cm below the bottom part of the general non-nitrification. Therefore, the depth of the filter sand bed to 6 to 10 cm is appropriate.

    The disadvantage of the bottom filter is the weight and volume, water and cleaning sand and gravel is not convenient, especially vulnerable to damage the roots of plants.

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