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The type and characteristics of the filter(2)

Sep 25, 2017

  (2) basket filter The upper filter is placed on top of the aquarium and the water is pumped into the filter. This filter is rectangular, put activated carbon or biochemical filter ball, the top layer of a layer of filter cotton filter layer into the water. When the power is turned on, the water in the aquarium is sucked into the filter tank and returned to the aquarium through the filter layer. The filter material should be cleaned regularly according to the turbidity of the water quality to prevent the voids in the filter layer from affecting the circulating flow and filtration of the water due to the accumulation of excess dirt. The upper filter is not equipped with oxygen equipment, noise is small, clean fish tank is very convenient, but the filter produced nitrifying bacteria slightly less than the bottom of the filter, the filter space is small, the number of fish can not be too much.

    (3) gas filter external filter and external hanging filter, the lower filter and immersion filter and other forms. External hanging filter is the filter device hanging on the side or above the aquarium, the submersible pump to the water into the filter tank, filtered through the filter back to the aquarium. This filter is easy to clean, easy to use, but not easy to grow nitrifying bacteria, filter function is far less than the bottom of the filter, the best combination of the two.

    The lower filter is installed in the lower part of the aquarium, connected with the upper part of the aquarium, the lower part of the space, can enlarge the area of the filter, put a variety of efficient filter material. Dip filter is not commonly used.

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