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The type and characteristics of the filter(3)

Sep 25, 2017

 (4) liquid filter, also known as submerged water filter. The device sink into the water, the use of submersible pumps directly into the filter tank, the filter tank in the filter and the nitrifying bacteria on the filter back to the aquarium. Is a closed combination of filter material and water pump. This filter is small in size, low in noise, occupies limited space for aquariums, is easy to manage and assemble and repairs, but the treatment of water and filter has a shorter cleaning interval and can only be used in smaller aquariums.

    (5) drip filter The principle is: the aquarium water from the upper, middle and lower parts into the overflow pipe (also known as the aquarium of the drainage pipe and positioning tube), flow to the bottom of the filter tank. Filter material from top to bottom are: filter cotton a biochemical ball a sand a clean water storage tank (can put ozone generator, UV germicidal lamp, protein separator, etc.) a small bag of activated carbon. Drip filter multi-layer multi-channel (physical, biochemical, chemical) filtration, filtration effect, in the sea water tank filter system widely used. The

    (6) Mixing filters refer to the use of different filters. Such as an external filter and built-in filter in combination, the bottom of the filter and external filters combined.


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