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The type of water filter in the water purifier(1)

Sep 25, 2017

  1, PP filter water purifier: built a variety of PP filter single tube water purifier, the general price is low, but the filter is easy to plug, to be frequently replaced, and the filter accuracy is not high, only for the initial filtration of water.


    2, activated carbon filter: can eliminate the water color and odor, but can not remove the water and other harmful substances such as bacteria, the sediment, rust removal effect is also poor.


    3, reverse osmosis water machine: completely remove the water beneficial and harmful substances, the output is pure water. Need to pressurize power, low water utilization (waste water, less water, generally about 50% of the waste of water). Purification costs are high, the flow is small, only to solve the problem of drinking water.


        4, water softener: the general use of recycled sodium resin replacement water calcium, magnesium ions, only from softening, reduce the hardness of water, can not be purified, can not remove all the harmful pollutants in the water.

    5, barrel water purifier: installed in the drinking fountains barrel water purifier, the general use of activated carbon, ceramics, mineralized ball and other filter materials, filtration accuracy is not high, is completely retained the filter, cleaning inconvenience, easy to form Secondary pollution, water is small, but positioning to solve the problem of drinking water.

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