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Ultrafiltration membrane cleaning and maintenance methods

Sep 23, 2017

Ultrafiltration membrane as a pre-filtration of pure water machine, every six months should be regularly checked or cleaned once, especially when the customer's water turbidity exceeded (> 5NTU) should be regularly cleaned,

Can prevent the occurrence of ultrafiltration water purification water loss, membrane clogging phenomenon. The specific method is as follows:

1, the first test ultrafiltration of the actual water purification water:

1) will be ultrafiltration water outlet hose from the inlet solenoid valve position unplugged, open the water machine tap water inlet valve.

2) If the ultrafiltration water flow rate drops to the rated value (such as less than 1.2 liters / min, Min), you need to carry out regular cleaning and maintenance of ultrafiltration membrane.

2. General cleaning method:

For the early ultrafiltration installation 6-2-2 pulse flushing valve (marked on the pulse valve) Rinse method: turn off the pure water machine power supply, the ultrafiltration element of the drain from the ultra-filter on the unplug,

Plug in a hose, the other end of the hose to keep smooth, easy drainage (see Figure 2). Open the water tank of the water machine (open to the maximum), then from the ultrafiltration of the drainage pipe will be a lot of drainage.

So continuous washing 2-3 times, each 5 minutes, under normal circumstances can be restored ultrafiltration filter water flux. When rinsing, gently tap the shell and improve the flushing effect with moderate vibration.

1) on the late ultrafiltration installation 6-8-2 or 3-8-2,1-8-2 pulse flushing valve flushing method: as long as the plug power 4-8 times, each time interval of 10 seconds.When rinsing, gently tap the shell and improve the flushing effect with moderate vibration.

2) after cleaning in accordance with the method of Article 1 detection, water flow generally return to the minimum standard flow above.

3. serious clogging method: If the use of the above method after cleaning water flow can not be effectively recovered, the following approach can be used.

1) Remove the ultrafiltration cartridge, the water machine tap water pipe unplugged directly into the ultrafiltration element of the water outlet, while the ultrafiltration element inlet and outlet of a hose for the drainage.

2) open the water valve, then from the two drainage pipes will be a lot of drainage, so continuous washing 2-3 times, each 5 minutes (rinsing can be blocked in turn, a drain,

At the same time you can use the handle of the screwdriver gently tap the ultra-filter shell to increase the rinse force, to prevent the plug off), you can restore the ultrafiltration filter water flux.

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