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Various sewage treatment methods(1)

Oct 09, 2017

Wastewater treatment

    First, the characteristics of mineral processing wastewater treatment wastewater with a large amount of water, suspended solids content, containing more types of harmful substances. The harmful substances are heavy metal ions and mineral processing agents. Heavy metal ions are copper, zinc, lead, nickel, barium, cadmium and arsenic and rare elements.

    Second, the water treatment methods Drainage wastewater mainly through the tailings dam can effectively remove suspended solids in waste water, heavy metals and flotation agent content can also be reduced. If you can not meet the emission requirements, should be further processed, commonly used methods are: 1, removal of heavy metals can be lime neutralization method and roasting dolomite adsorption method. 2, the main removal of flotation agent can be used ore adsorption method, activated carbon adsorption method. 3, cyanide-containing wastewater can be used chemical oxidation method.

    Oily wastewater treatment of oily wastewater is the most common kind of pollution of water, mainly from petroleum, chemical, mechanical processing and other industries. Oily substances in the water to float oil, scattered oil, emulsified oil three forms. Which is easy to float oil from the separation of waste water, and emulsified oil is relatively difficult to separate. One problem with water treatment for oily wastewater is that the concentration of oil in the wastewater varies widely, and the following method can solve this problem well. The use of grease trap, recovery of oil or heavy oil, the treatment efficiency of 60% to 80%, the water content of about 100 to 200mg / L; waste water in the emulsified oil and dispersed oil is more difficult to deal with, should prevent or reduce the emulsification.