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Water treatment equipment maintenance(1)

Sep 22, 2017

First, the routine inspection of water treatment devices:

In order to take the initiative to master the operation of the system equipment, regular inspection and inspection of the regular, can be found in time and eliminate equipment defects, reduce the hidden trouble to ensure safe operation.

The supervisor must understand and master the equipment performance and operation method.

  1, inspection inspection method:

1.1 View:

Equipment, inside and outside the clean, complete whether; table, liquid level light signal indicates whether the normal; control switch, valve opening and closing is flexible and reliable; with or without leakage, leakage, phenomenon; equipment operation,

 1.2 Listen:

Rotating equipment, whether the sound is uniform, with or without sound; electrical equipment with or without discharge sound; water tank, water pipe sound is normal.

1.3 touch: the operating mechanism is rust; softened water head running is normal;

1.4 smell: whether the insulation of the coke flavor; no rubber, plastic, cotton fabric coke flavor;

The smell of water;

2, note

2.1 inspection process to pay attention to personal safety:

2.2 inspection process found that equipment has a significant security risk and threaten the normal operation should be immediately

Stop the equipment to run the equipment and take appropriate measures, timely reporting and detailed records of leadership.

2.3 inspection equipment found in the process of failure, should take appropriate measures, timely reporting and leadership

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