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Water treatment filter material-----activated carbon

Sep 23, 2017

Activated carbon filter can remove the water smell and taste, color, chlorine, colloid, organic matter, heavy metals, radioactive substances, etc., is the use of the first water purifier, the most widely used water purification materials. Not only the general activated carbon water purifier, in the home reverse osmosis water machine, and most ultrafiltration, ceramics, KDF, UV and other water purifiers, will use activated carbon.

Methods of Improving the Effect of Activated Carbon Water Purification

    1, mixed with recycled materials

    Now on the market a lot of activated carbon are mixed with recycled materials, and some even all the materials used. Activated carbon production plant to buy users have been used and scrapped activated carbon, and then return to the furnace to deal with, and some even let go of the sky in the sun after the sun to sell new products sold or mixed into the new activated carbon to reduce costs and prices The Shanghai CDC had detected the activated carbon filter CODMn removal rate of zero strange.

There are also washed, should be used pure water, but the cost is high, a lot of activated carbon plant is not a pure water device, with the river, well water and even with the water in the ditch to wash the charcoal, such activated carbon are contaminated.

    2, takes time

    Activated carbon play a role in water purification, regardless of physical adsorption or chemical adsorption, all need some time. Therefore, the water purifier factory to improve the activated carbon filter or activated carbon filter design, as much as possible to increase the contact time of water and activated carbon, contact time = carbon column length / water flow rate in the carbon column, increase the length of carbon column and the amount of activated carbon , Reduce the flow rate of water, can extend the water and activated carbon contact time, improve the effect of activated carbon water and effluent quality.

    3, the first water

    Activated carbon water purifier instructions, should warn the user, open the water purifier, to let go of part of the water, the water filter cartridge, pipeline water discharge, and then take fresh filtered water use. Otherwise, after a long time soaking, activated carbon bacteria will be a lot of breeding exceeded, nitrite may also increase, so be sure to put the water in the residual water first let go.

    4, to frequently change

    Activated carbon water purifier instruction manual, should warn the user, activated carbon to be frequent, generally six months to be replaced. In particular, the south to the ground water as the source of water, water colloidal material, high content of organic matter, but also to replace the water purifier in the activated carbon filter. Activated carbon adsorption organic matter saturation, not only can not play the role of adsorption and water purification, but will release harmful substances, so that the water purifier to become "sewage."

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