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Water treatment filter material-----Quartz sand

Sep 23, 2017

Quartz sand

Quartz sand filter for single, double fast filter and industrial high-purity water supply supporting layer, multi-angular, nearly spherical, impurity content is small, high mechanical strength, interception ability, chemical stability. In the water treatment of quartz sand to remove suspended solids filtration, the use of long cycle. As a result of quartz sand ore processing and screening, chemical properties Wanding, very difficult to deal with domestic water, water treatment industry is one of the indispensable filter.

First, the water treatment in the implementation of quartz sand filter media standards

    Quartz sand filter is the use of natural quartz ore, the broken -> Screening -> washing -> drying and other processes produced by the second screening of a water treatment filter.

    The main component of quartz sand is silica, containing iron oxide, clay and organic impurities. The appearance of quartz sand filter is multi-angular, spherical, pure white, high hardness, good corrosion resistance, high density, high mechanical strength, long carrying capacity of the use of the characteristics of the cycle is the ideal material for chemical water treatment. In the single layer, double filter tank, filter and ion exchanger in the application, the indicators have reached the standard.

Second, the water treatment process of quartz sand filter working principle

    The quartz sand filter is combined with the filter vessel for the removal of particulate impurities such as colloidal particles in the water, thereby acting as a filter.

    In the process of water treatment filtration, the removal of suspended particles is mainly removed by the adsorption and adhesion between the particles and the filter particles and between the particles and the particles.

    Mainly related to two principles:

    1, cups of water carrying suspended particles migration, from the water flow line to the filter surface near the migration principle.

    2, that is, when the suspended particles and filter contact, relying on some or a few forces (including van der Waals force, surface tension and Coulomb force) so that they adhere to the filter surface, which is the adhesion of particles Mechanism, in this mechanism, to ensure that the filtered water quality, to ensure that the filter layer filter a certain surface area for the suspended particles adsorbed on the surface to provide adequate adsorption space, so that suspended particles effectively adsorbed on the filter surface. The process of migration of suspended particles in the action of sedimentation, inertia, interdiffusion, diffusion, and dynamic effects in the flow of the voids in the filter bed is dependent on the size of the turbid particles. In the filtration process, the surface area of the filter material to play the most important role, the larger the particle surface provided by the filter material, the stronger the adhesion of suspended solids in the water, in order to achieve a certain expected water quality requirements; The surface area provided should meet a minimum value.

Third, the water treatment of quartz sand filter technical requirements:

    1, quartz sand filter breaking rate and wear rate and the sum should not be greater than 1.5%.

    2, the density of quartz sand filter should not be less than 2.55g / cm3, the use of the density of the special requirements are excluded.

    3, quartz sand filter should not see the soil, mica and organic impurities, the filter material of the water leaching solution does not contain toxic substances. The amount of mud should not be greater than 1%, the density of less than 2g / cm3 light material content should not be greater than 0.2%.

    4, quartz sand filter burning loss should not be greater than 0.7%.

    5, quartz sand filter hydrochloric acid soluble rate should not be greater than 3.5%.

    6, single or double layer filter pool quartz sand filter particle size range, generally 0.5 ~ 1.2mn. Three layers of filter pool quartz sand filter particle size range, generally 0.5 ~ 0.8mn.

    7, in a variety of particle size range of quartz sand filter, less than the development of the lower limit of the particle size should be greater than 3%, greater than the size of the upper limit should not be greater than 2%.

    8, quartz sand filter effective particle size and unevenness, are determined using the unit.