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Water treatment of the treatment medium and the main treatment process

Sep 23, 2017

 Water treatment methods are usually potential difference; pressure difference; chemical method, membrane filtration is the use of molecular dialysis pressure principle of the filter; separation; concentration; purification. Purely physical, no phase change, no secondary residue and reactant formation. Commonly used membrane filtration, according to the accuracy of: microfiltration; ultrafiltration; nanofiltration; reverse osmosis.

First, the water treatment medium and way:

    Quartz sand: get rid of large suspended solids

    PP cotton (polypropylene): filter rust. Impurities. Small suspended matter.

    Activated carbon (coal shell. Coconut shell): adsorption of water in the different color, such as chlorine and its products.

    Softening resin (sodium ion): calcium and magnesium and other hardness ions ion exchange effect, the hard water hardness of the ion exchange out, play the role of softened water.

    Ultrafiltration (UF): Eliminate the colloid in water. Bacteria. Microorganisms, the turbidity of water and sterilization.

    Nanofiltration (NF): remove calcium and magnesium ions, the degradation of water hardness.

    Reverse osmosis (RO): degradation of salt in water.

    Mixed bed (cation and cation exchange): eliminate dissolved salts.

    Electrodialysis (yin and yang film + ionization): concentrated water, eliminate yin and yang.

    EDI (electrodialysis + ion exchange): remove the salt, get high-precision pure water.

    Flocculation (plus chemical): can eliminate the color, the collection of colloidal substances, the formation of precipitation.

    Precipitation (plus chemical): degrade turbidity and clarify water.

    Broken gas: the excessive release of groundwater volatile gas to prevent its participation in the reaction, affecting water quality.

    Biochemical method: culture of bacterial decomposition of organic matter.

Second, the water treatment process

    The complete water treatment process consists of three parts: pretreatment, core processing and post-processing.

    Pretreatment: Eliminate suspended solids and large particulate matter, reducing the turbidity and color of raw water. Such as mechanical filters (quartz sand), adsorption filters (activated carbon) and security filters (PP cotton).

    Core treatment: Eliminate microbes. Bacteria. Virus. Colloids. Macromolecular substances, such as ultrafiltration system (UF)

    Post-treatment: desalination and small molecules, get higher purity water molecules, such as reverse osmosis (RO), ion exchange.

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