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What are the advantages of using EDI ultra-pure water equipment?

Sep 22, 2017

EDI ultra-pure water equipment is widely used in boiler supply water, optoelectronics, photovoltaic, touch screen, chemical, electronics, pharmaceutical and other industries, then the use of this equipment, what good place? What is the advantage? The following is about Hengtong water for your finishing points:

1, small footprint, omitted mixed bed and regeneration device;

2. The water supply is continuous and stable, the water quality is high, and the mixed bed will deteriorate when the resin is near failure. EDI device is a continuous water purification process, so its product water quality is stable, the resistivity is generally 15MΩ · cm, Up to 18MΩ · cm, to achieve ultra-pure water indicators. The water purification process of the mixed bed ion exchange facility is intermittent, and after being regenerated, the water quality of the product is higher, and before the next regeneration, the water quality of the product is poor.

The operating costs include electricity consumption, water consumption, pharmaceutical fees and depreciation of equipment and other expenses, eliminating the need for acid and alkali consumption, renewable water, waste water treatment, waste water, waste water, waste water, And sewage discharge and other expenses. In the power consumption, EDI device about 0.5kWh / t water, mixed bed technology of about 0.35kWh / t water, the cost of electricity consumption in the power plant is more economical, you can use the price of plant electricity accounting. In terms of water consumption, the EDI plant has a high water production rate and does not require reclaimed water. Therefore, the operating cost is lower than that of the mixed bed in this respect. There is little difference between the cost of pharmacy and equipment depreciation. In general, in operating costs, the cost of conventional mixed-bed tons of water is higher than the EDI device. As a result, the cost of multiple investments in EDI devices is fully recoverable within a few years.

Environmental protection benefits, significant increase in the safety of operation; EDI is environmentally friendly technology, ion exchange resin without acid, alkali chemical regeneration, saving a lot of acid, alkali and cleaning water, greatly reducing the labor intensity.