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What are the characteristics of the sewage treatment equipment drainage system?

Sep 22, 2017

Now the increase in the amount of sewage seriously affect our living environment, the use of sewage treatment equipment can ensure that sewage discharge standards, the following to understand the characteristics of sewage treatment plant drainage system bar.

1, sewage treatment equipment and adjacent areas and areas of water supply systems and flood control system in harmony.

2, sewage treatment equipment, the recycling of sewage, the rational disposal of sludge.

3, with the adjacent areas of sewage and sludge treatment and disposal system in harmony.

      4, the possibility of accepting industrial wastewater and handling and disposing.

5, the appropriate transformation of the original drainage engineering facilities, give full play to the performance of buried sewage treatment equipment engineering.

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Above is the sewage treatment equipment drainage system characteristics of the introduction, I believe we have been through the above has been a general understanding of the sewage treatment equipment drainage system characteristics, hoping to through these characteristics so that we more in-depth understanding of sewage treatment equipment.