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What are the types of pretreatment of water treatment equipment?(1)

Sep 23, 2017

The pretreatment of water treatment equipment is mainly mechanical impurities, colloids, microorganisms, organic matter and active chlorine. Pretreatment of the direct impact of electrodialysis, reverse osmosis, ion exchange, EDI and other major water treatment equipment treatment process of technical and economic effects and long-term safe operation. Can be widely used in groundwater, surface water, swimming pool water, tap water purification and as a pure water system, mineral water system and other pre-treatment.

Pretreatment of water treatment equipment

First, mechanical filters and multi-media filters

    Most of the pretreatment systems with water or tap water as the source of water are pressure-type mechanical filters. Multi-media filter is a pressure-type fast filter, can remove very small colloidal particles and suspended solids, so that the water turbidity can reach 1 degree.

Second, activated carbon filter

    Activated carbon filter using granular activated carbon or synthetic macroporous adsorbent, adsorption of carbon and so on. It is characterized by a wide range of applications, good processing effect, small footprint, reliable, easy management, the adsorbent can be regenerated. Can be made separately as a gravity or pressure adsorption column. Activated carbon filter can remove organic matter in water, colloidal particles, microorganisms, odor and so on.

Third, in addition to iron and manganese removal device

    In addition to iron and manganese equipment series using water and oxygen full contact and through the manganese sand catalyst, the water iron, manganese oxidation, the formation of colloidal precipitation.

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