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What are the types of pretreatment of water treatment equipment?(2)

Sep 23, 2017

Four, disc filter

    1, accurate filtration: According to the water requirements of different precision filter selection.

    2, efficient backwashing: high-speed and thorough backwash, just 7-15 seconds to complete, backwash water consumption is less than 0.5% of filtered water.

    3, automatic operation Continuous water: in the filter set, the backwash process turns colloid, work, backwash state automatically switch between, to ensure continuous water system pressure loss is small.

    4, the standard modular: standard modular system design, the user can be configured, simple and flexible, interchangeable.

    5, save the area: the flexibility to use corner space, according to local conditions to install, covers an area very little.

    6, reliable operation to maintain a simple: almost no routine maintenance, easy installation and operation, parts 100% factory testing and commissioning, do not need special tools, accessories required accessories rarely.

    7, long life: high-tech plastic filter core is solid, no wear, no corrosion, after years of practical practical validation, filtration and backwash effect will not be worse with the use of time.


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