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What are the water treatment filtration methods?(1)

Sep 23, 2017

First, the principle of water treatment equipment selection

    The choice of water treatment equipment should be in order to ensure the safety of water, so the choice of water treatment process to be the following:

    (1) whether it is the use of any technology, technology, water treatment, the water quality should meet the national standards of drinking water.

    (2) the principle of technical safety and reliability. At present, although our country on water treatment technology and equipment there are many, but from a number of technical theory and equipment to select the most advanced technology and the highest reliability and reliability of the equipment.

    (3) the principle of minimum operating costs. In view of China's remote and economically underdeveloped areas, if the water treatment equipment operating costs are too high, beyond the local people's economic capacity, even if the construction of water treatment construction is completed, but also because of high equipment operating costs of local people can not afford Lose the meaning of construction. So in the water treatment equipment construction must take into account the equipment operating costs.

    (4) easy to manage principles. In view of the relative shortage of equipment and technical management personnel in economically underdeveloped areas, it is necessary to make simple and easy management in equipment management and maintenance. If the technical requirements of the equipment management are too high, beyond the scope of the equipment technical management staff, the normal operation and management of the equipment will not be guaranteed.