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What are the water treatment filtration methods?(2)

Sep 23, 2017

Second, the water treatment of filtration methods

    1, composite multi-media filter and its working principle

    Composite multi-media is a physical water treatment method, the entire process does not need to add any chemical agents, equipment unit integrated automation, intelligent control, low energy consumption, high security and stability, water treatment equipment system after the replacement of the media is not Will cause pollution to the environment, can be directly landfill. At the same time as the water treatment equipment system is the automatic control system and monitoring system, the system program once set, do not need too many people on the real-time monitoring, saving maintenance personnel input, accordingly also save maintenance costs.

    2, composite multi-media filter process

    The water to be treated is pumped into the water treatment system through the pressurized pump of the raw water pressurizing system, and the medium is deeply washed by the automatic backwashing multi-media. The automatic backwashing depth treatment system is provided with an activated carbon adsorption filter, Water smell and chloride. Arsenic, iron / manganese plant. The role is to remove arsenic in water, iron / manganese and other impurities and harmful substances. Scale scale. Can prevent the water calcium and magnesium after heating reaction to produce calcium carbonate. Raw water UV disinfection system. The main role is to pipe water for sterilization, decomposition of ozone and so on.

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