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What is ion water?

Oct 10, 2017

 Simply say: lose electrons or get electrons and molecules called ions. Water in the ionization will produce hydrated ions, we call this water for the ion water. Ion water can be divided into positive ion water and negative ion water, anion water, also known as drinking ion water, cationic water is also known as beauty (beauty food) (anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory food)) ion water. Whether it is cationic water or anion water, its nature or water, in addition to electronic gains do not add any material. Ion water in the course of the use of air or other substances in contact with the gradual (reduction) into ordinary water. Ion water is produced by ionization, the process of ordinary tap water through the purification into the high efficiency ionization tank, so that water ionization, and through high-tech means of positive and negative ion water separation. Its natural, higher than natural (Size), solubility (size), conductivity (high and low), pH (size), surface tension, density, thermal conductivity, oxygen content, etc. Are not the same. So the activity of ion water than ordinary water (including mineral water, pure water) much stronger. Ion water unique health care (health food), beauty anti-inflammatory, sterilization is not common water. Ion water in the application of industry and agriculture is still constantly in the development.