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What is membrane housing?

Sep 22, 2017

Membrane housing usually have fiberglass membrane housing, stainless steel housing, ceramic membrane housing, a variety of models, according to different functions and different models.

The membrane housing is divided into eight-inch membrane shell (8040), and four-inch membrane shell (4040). Membrane housing has a core, two core, three core ... ... seven core. (8040, 8080, 80120 ... 80280).

The commonly used membrane shell is mainly used in desalination, sewage treatment.

Reverse osmosis and nanofiltration membrane shell generally with glass or stainless steel, because to withstand greater pressure. Ultrafiltration membrane shell generally used UPVC or ABS, due to ultrafiltration operating pressure is generally low (generally less than 0.3Mpa). UPVC pipe in the water treatment equipment in addition to the membrane shell, can also be used to make small ion exchange bed