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What is the difference between ultrafiltration and microfiltration?(5)

Sep 22, 2017

Most of the microfiltration process before the use of folding tube filter, is a terminal filter for high solid content of the liquid can not be processed in recent years to develop the wrong flow microfiltration filtration process similar to reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration, the design can Learn from.

Microfiltration, ultrafiltration process operating pressure, temperature and liquid pretreatment, membrane cleaning process and reverse osmosis is very similar to the principle, but its operation also has its own characteristics.

Ultrafiltration process and reverse osmosis similar to the use of cross-flow operation, the commonly used mode of operation there are three.

⑴, single intermittent operation: As shown in Figure 10-15, in the process of ultrafiltration, in order to reduce the influence of concentration polarization, the membrane module must maintain a high material flow rate, but the membrane permeability is small,

So the material must be recycled in the membrane assembly several times in order to concentrate the liquid to the extent required, which is the most basic characteristics of industrial filtration devices.

The difference between the two circuits is that the liquid in the closed loop flows out of the membrane module and flows directly to the circulation pump without the feed tank. The energy required to deliver a large amount of circulating fluid is only to overcome the energy loss of the liquid flow system ,

In addition to the open circuit in the circulation pump in addition to the need to provide material flow system energy loss, but also must provide ultrafiltration required for the driving force that is, so the closed loop energy consumption is low.

Intermittent operation is suitable for the processing of laboratory or small-scale intermittent production products.

⑵ continuous operation: As shown in Figure 10-16, compared with the intermittent operation, it is characterized by the ultrafiltration process is always close to the concentration of concentrated liquid, so the penetration and rejection are low, in order to overcome this Shortcomings, can be used in multiple sections of continuous operation.

⑶, multi-segment continuous operation: As shown in Figure 10-17, the concentration of circulating fluid in each section in turn increased, the last paragraph leads to concentrate, so the first few paragraphs of the liquid can be operated at a lower concentration. This continuous multi-stage operation is suitable for large-scale industrial production.

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