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What is the difference between ultrafiltration and microfiltration?(6)

Sep 22, 2017


1), ultrafiltration applications

Ultrafiltration technology is widely used in the removal of particulates, including bacteria, viruses, heat and other foreign matter removal, in the food industry, electronics industry, water treatment engineering, medicine, chemical and other fields have been widely used, and in the rapid development The

In the field of water treatment, ultrafiltration technology can remove bacteria, viruses, heat sources and other colloidal substances in the water, so it is used to prepare ultra pure water in the electronics industry, injections in the pharmaceutical industry, purification of various industrial water and drinking water Purify.

In the food industry, dairy products, fruit juice, wine, spices and other production gradually use ultrafiltration technology, such as milk or whey protein and low molecular weight lactose and water separation, fruit juice clarification and disinfection, protein,

Polysaccharides and other colloidal impurities to remove, soy sauce, vinegar in the removal of bacteria, compared with the traditional method shows economic, reliable, quality assurance and so on.

In the pharmaceutical and biological chemical production, often need to separate and purify the heat-sensitive substances, ultrafiltration technology to show its outstanding advantages. It is quite appropriate to separate the concentrated biologically active substances (such as enzymes, viruses, nucleic acids, special proteins, etc.) by ultrafiltration,

Plants in the extraction of drugs (such as alkaloids, hormones, etc.), the extract often macromolecules or solid substances, in many cases can be separated by ultrafiltration to improve product quality.

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