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What is the difference between ultrafiltration and microfiltration?(7)

Sep 22, 2017

In the field of wastewater treatment, ultrafiltration technology for the electroplating process of leaching water treatment is one of the successful examples. In the automotive and furniture and other metal products in the production process, with the electrophoretic coating on the metal surface,

It is necessary to wash the electroplating solution on the product with water. Washed with paint containing 1 ~ 2% of the leaching wastewater, with ultrafiltration device separation of water, the coating can be reused for re-use,

The proceeds of water can also be used directly for cleaning, you can achieve the recycling of water. At present, most domestic and foreign automobile factories use this method to deal with electric shower.

Ultrafiltration technology can also be used in textile mill wastewater treatment. Textile plant desizing containing polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), with ultrafiltration device recovery PVA, water recycling use, and concentrated PVA concentrate can be re-sizing use.

With the development of new membrane materials (functional polymers and inorganic materials), the temperature, pressure and solvent resistance of the membrane can be greatly improved. The application of ultrafiltration technology in petrochemical industry, chemical industry and more will be more widely.

2), the application of microfiltration

Microfiltration is mainly used to remove ultrafine particles in the solution of more than 0.05, its application is very wide, in the current film process industry sales accounted for the first.

In the process of water refining, microfiltration technology can remove bacteria and solid impurities, can be used for pharmaceutical, beverage water production.

In the ultra-pure water preparation of the electronics industry, microfiltration can be used for pretreatment of ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis processes and end-of-product safety filtering.

Microfiltration technology can also be used for beer, rice wine and other alcohol filter, in order to remove one of the yeast, mold and other microorganisms, make products clear and extend the storage period.

Microfiltration technology in drug sterilization, biological detection and other fields have a wide range of applications.

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